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Mental Health Services for Our Community

Our Fees

Services for the whole community

We believe it is important to make mental health services available to everyone in our community.

At our discretion and pending availability, we thus offer a stepped-fee structure as follows:

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker/Psychotherapist

  • Full Fee: $190*

  • Reduced Fee: $140


Counsellor/Provisional Psychologist

  • Full Fee: $155*

  • Reduced Fee: $120


The full fee rate applies to sessions funded by a third party including NDIS self-managed and Plan Managed participants.

Bulk Billing: Nil out of pocket at our discretion and will normally be offered to minimum wage earners, low-wage, part-time workers and others in similar situations.

Letters and Report Writing

Letters and report writing is charged at our full fee rate plus any applicable GST.

We do not charge a higher fee for NDIS self- and plan-managed participants.


In addition, your fees may be covered by another type of referral. Our clinicians are registered to provide services under:

  • Medicare GP Mental Health Care Plans

  • NDIS referrals/self-referrals

  • Open Arms Veterans and Families Counselling

  • WorkCover

  • Victims Assist

* Paperwork and Bureaucracy

The fees above are for clients and third parties who make use of our existing billing and payment systems. Organisations that require additional documentation, insist upon onerous registration requirements or which otherwise require us to use their payment facilitiers, their portals or to complete additional or different paperwork in order for us to receive payment can expect to be charged up to the maximum fees available to us. This is to compensate for the additional time and complexity imposed upon us to use their systems to be paid for the servcies we deliver.

Fees current at 01 June 2024

We reserve the right to update our fees at any time.

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